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Chrissanthie is the only ophthaimologist tested cleanser that not only removes eye make-up (including water-proof) but also helps clients with Blepharitis. It is recommended to use for all lash extensions wearers as there is a proven connection between lash extensions and Blepharitis. Chrissanthie helps to prevent it.

Redness of the eyelids
Flaking of skin on the lids
Crusting at the lid margins, generally worse on waking
Cysts at the lid margin (hordeolum)
Red eye
Debris in the tear film
Gritty sensation of the eye or foreign-body sensation
Eye itching

With acute Blepharitis use Chrissanthie daily without diluting with water for 2 weeks. When using as a cleanser preventatively, wash daily or every two days after diluting with water in one of our foaming pump bottles.
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